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October Students of the Month "PERSEVERANCE"
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Wednesday, November 07, 2018
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Abagail Vanleishout

Grades 3-6

Perseverance is the continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition. It is the consistent action of staying on course as one works toward a goal. When I think of students who exhibit the character trait of perseverance, or grit, I think of Abagail Vanleishout.

Abagail has clear, internal goals set for herself and has the amazing ability to be kind and helpful to others without letting any distractions keep her from learning from mistakes. The goals Abagail has for herself combined with her work ethic are important components to how she is able to persevere. She is able to take advantage of every learning opportunity she is presented with, even if it is new or hard. Abagail applies what she is learning and is not afraid to try new skills and grow from feedback. She listens constructively to the ways she can strengthen new skills, works very hard to produce quality work, and then applies any feedback she is given to make improvements. Abagail Vanleishout is an excellent example of perseverance; a character trait that will make her a life-long learner and a citizen who is able to find solutions to hard problems.


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