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September Students of the Month "RESPECT"
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Monday, October 22, 2018
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Our student of the month this month has shown the character trait of respect in many different ways.  As a new student, he gave his best effort to learn our school’s systems and routines, he even respectfully appealed a routine that he found did not work for him, respectfully offering an alternative and explaining why he had a better way.  In the lunchroom, he regularly thanks our staff for his food. He goes out of his way to make others comfortable. He even shows respect when he is disappointed with a situation. Instead of getting mad, he takes a minute to think about his disappointment, and what he could do differently in the future.  He asks adults for help when he needs it and respects the teacher by always participating in class. It is my pleasure to award Colton Spain the award for September - Student of the Month - RESPECT

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